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How To Get Content For Your Podcast (Bloggers)




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How To Get Content For Your Podcast (Bloggers)

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Financial Crisis In Greece With Mr Panos

This Video Was Done A Few Years Ago But Still Holds A Lot Of Truth To It.

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How To Drive Website Traffic Using Instagram



When it comes to making money online there are a few details that make all the difference when it comes to making money on your website or blog.  Of course high up on the list of importance is getting targeted traffic to your website. Yes you want visitors who are actually interested in what you are  doing 😉 .

Now the cool thing about Instagram is firstly it is a very hot up and coming Social Network why else would Facebook have bought it eh.  I took  a while before actually checking it out properly but once I did I realised it was a great way to get targeted traffic the way Twitter was 5 or 6 years ago.  The first thing of course is you want to identify who your target prospects or customers are. 


What are they interested in?

How can you create good informative content for them?

What will they need to buy now or in the future?

Can you help give them what they are looking for and get paid in the process?


Let’s say for example you are an up and coming personal development guru and you are looking for people who are interested in personal development trainings, courses or seminars. There are different ways you could of course attract the right people to you. 

For example you might post positive quotes about success or personal development on your Instagram.  This would definitely work but may take you a while.


Or you could just go straight to one of the personal development guru’s Instagram accounts and follow their subscribers or followers, some people you might follow would be Tony Robbins, T Harv Ecker, Randy Gage Etc.  Yes you just do a search for that persons name then click on there account and you can see their subscribers or followers depending which social network you are on.  Then it is just a matter of clicking on the subscribe or follow button on their followers.  Unfortunately there is an hourly limit that you can follow on Instagram, but if you do it religiously over a long period of time you could end up with tens or even hundreds of thousands of subscribers or followers too. 

The thing is when you follow anyone on Instagram they will get a notification you have subscribed to them, many people approximately around 30% of those people will then follow you back or subscribe to you too.  This means whenever you post on Instagram they will be able to see your pictures too. The other thing you can do is whenever you see someone following or subscribing to your Instagram account.  You could send them a thank you picture saying thank you for subscribing to me on Instagram here is a Free video or free gift I would like to send  go to now to get xxxxxxx 100% FREE.  Something like that this in turn will send loads of free targeted visitors directly to your website or capture page, depending on where you are wanting to drive the traffic too. 


 Instagram Marketing TIP 1

There is also a tool called crowdfire and it will tell you which Instagram followers are not following you back so you can unfollow them.  It is also available as an app for your Iphone or Android phone so you can do it from anywhere even when you are on the move.  


Instagram Marketing TIP 2

You can make really cool pictures with quotes or anything else you like for free at Canva.Com and upload them to Instagram 🙂 


Instagram Marketing Tip 3

If you have no idea what picture people will like go to Pinterest.Com and look at the most shared pins/pictures if they are not copyright then you can upload them to Instagram.  That way you already know that people are liking and sharing the pictures already. 🙂


I hope you found these Instagram Marketing Tips Useful. 


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How To Drive Website Traffic Using Instagram

Are You Being Attacked By Network Marketers?

Have you ever been going about your business and then out of nowhere some person comes on your Facebook chat. Pretending to want to chat, you go over to their Facebook wall and you see every post is about them promoting their business.

Within ten minutes you are getting the business practically rammed down your throat?   You tell them at least 5 reasons why you will not be buying their product and they keep on trying to sell it.


Hmm do they think they are going to take control of your body and mind. Or think that if they BS you long enough you will join to get rid of them. Who knows  but once it gets to this stage it is getting beyond a joke.

I mean in Internet marketing 101 I learned many years ago. That when I started selling products and services online was to put your product or service out there on your blog or website and share it in social media or with paid ads and the people who want it or need it will get back to you or join.

Which has worked for me for years. this aggressive marketing on Social Media not only wastes my time their time for being deaf.  But it really starts pissing me off eventually I mean how thick skinned can you really get..

Sending one message after another I want to put you on Skype with my upline Blah Blah Bah Bullshit…   Selling products and services is done using systems, and by providing value not by bullying people into joining your venture.

Everybody wants to buy, nobody wants to have a product they have no interest in rammed down their throat.  In the type of cases where people may need something but don’t know it. You can create a video or presentation to educate them why, and post it on social media. Some will buy some won’t no need to pull your hair out about it.

If they don’t buy then tweak the presentation test it and make it better.  If they don’t want it they can turn the video off no spam intended. If they want your product or service they will buy it.  These old time Dinosaur Marketers as I call them are not doing themselves any favours.  The fact is when they do have something you genuinely want to buy they won’t be able to sell it to you because  as soon as you see their message. Or see them at your door, you will want to slam the door in their face.

The crazy thing is many of these people go to seminars all the time.  You think they could understnd the basics of communication and the English language. Bottom line is when I see one of these people I send them this.  And if that still doesn’t work then it’s time to shut the door abruptly or waste days being chased around by them.

 English language is really very simple you might confuse no for yes one or two times but my friend after the tenth no.  It is time to wake up or piss off into the moonlight. If you found this interesting or have similar stories feel free to share them in the comments below.


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Are You Being Attacked By Network Marketers?

What Is Periscope And What Is All The Fuss About?

Unless you have been on a cloud somewhere then you probably have heard a lot of people talking about Periscope lately.

Periscope is basically a new app that you can download to your smart phone and create live recordings using your smartphone while on the go.


People can not only watch your periscope broadcast live, but they can also follow you comment and like your livestream too.  The only thing about Periscope whether it is fortunate or unfortunate your stream is only live for the next 24 hours after that it disappears.

Depends what way you look at it on the positive side it means people need to rush to see your live stream or the recording or they miss it and it is gone forever.  This may make more people take action faster.


The downside of this is you cannot just do some work make a recording and get paid forever from that video like you would on your own videos.  Or videos that you upload to You Tube or any of the other video hosting networks.

As far as I am concerned I can definitely see the benefit of this for connecting with your audience.  And I do intend to maybe do a few of them in the next 30 days. 


Though I still believe it would be much better creating your own videos or webinars and uploading them as many places as possible.  As well as using Automated webinar software to monetise them over and over again. 🙂

The other good thing about Periscope is because I have nearly 85,000 Twitter followers it shouldn’t be too difficult getting people to my periscope events 🙂 


Of course I would also be interested to hear if you have used Periscope yet and if so what do you think about it?

All ideas and points appreciated


Sotiris Bassakaropoulos

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10 Video Marketing Tips To Increase Your Conversions


In today’s post we will be going over 10 ways that you can  increase your video conversions. Overall the tips should help you to get more views to your videos, more optins from your videos and or more sales depending on the strategy.

1.Upload your videos to more social networking sites here are a list of some of them.  Make sure you also see our Post on how to protect your videos here

You Tube





Daily Motion


Blip TV



Facebook Profile

Facebook Pages


2. Make sure you add a subscribe  button where possible to your videos. See our video here how to add a subscribe button to your You Tube Videos.



3. Aim to create 1000 Videos over the next couple of years if you make over 1000 videos you will be in the top 5 percent of public speakers. Remember practise can make perfect.


4. Buy your own video hosting in case any of your videos ever get deleted here is the one that I use


5. There are lots of different software for creating videos even if you do not like recording yourself.  Here is one of my favourite ones


6. Get lots of people to like and comment on your videos this will help you to rank higher on Google and You Tube. 


7. Even if backlinking  websites doesn’t always work anymore, putting backlinks to your videos does work and will also help your video to rank better. 


8. Whenever you create a video make sure to also post it on some blogs or websites that will also help you get more views and subscribers too. 


9. Remember to never make a video without a reason for it, ask yourself before you start what is the purpose of this video.  If there is no purpose for it then it is likely to just be a waste of your time.


10. Remember to always put a link to your website or business in the description of your videos also possibly a telephone number  and also to always put a call to action as well telling them exactly what you want them to do. 



Some calls to action may be.


a. Please click the link to visit my website.

B. Click here to find out more about this business opportunity.

c. Click here to get a test trial of our product. 

d. Make sure you visit our business at or call 090909090909 

e. Please click the link and enter your email to get this free gift. 

f. Please click on the link enter your email to get instant access to our best ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

g. Please click here to visit us on Facebook

h. Follow us on Twitter


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10 Video Marketing Tips To Increase Your Conversions

Donald Trump Runs For President 2016 (Full Speech)



Donald Trump Runs For President 2016 (Full Speech)

The Definition Of Stupidity Explained By David Wood




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The Definition Of Stupidity Explained By David Wood

Starting A New Business – Learn How To Get Your Business On The Internet


If you have never ventured into having an online business before there are a couple of things I would like to tell you first.

You may either love it or hate it but the benefits of having your business online far outweigh the costs or efforts needed in getting it setup and running.


1. Q. What do you need to setup your business and what will it cost?

It really depends on how serious you are about your business are you planning to have a business that makes anywhere from thousands to millions of dollars, or are you just looking to make your first $20. I would estimate that for a basic online business without doing paid advertising etc you should really allocate about $300 per month if you are serious about making money online.   There are some Free Options but unfortunately as with most free things they come at a price or another disadvantage. I will not be going into all of them in this post but be sure if you want to run a serious online business the paid option is by far better.


A. The basic things I would recommend when starting an online business would be one or multiple domain names normally about $12 each from Go Daddy

B. A hosting account or a viral blogging system like this one I am posting on today.

C. A Good WordPress Theme That Ranks 

D. WordPress Plugins To Go On Your Blog 

D. An Autoresponder like Aweber or Getresponse to be able to setup autoresponder messages and build a list of targeted clients and subscribers.

E. Possibly a shopping cart to add buy buttons and price your products  and affiliate management software for managing affiliate tracking links and payments.

F. Video Hosting Software if you want to make sure your videos do not get terminated by You Tube (This happens more frequently than you could imagine)

G. Probably some personal branding like banners logos, Facebook covers etc.  You can get these made for you on or buy a cool logo software for a small price.

H. A capture page software to create capture pages easily.

I. A Video Screen Capture Software Like Camtasia or EVS Or Video FX To Make Or Record Screen Capture Videos.

J.  A Webinar Automation Software To Schedule Webinars To Run 24/7 Even When You Are Not There

K. Create some Social Media Accounts And Personalise them to your name or brand. 

L. Build a social media following using either software or manual work.  Or you can outsource it at Fiverr.Com or EasyOutsource.Com

M. If you run a business where you schedule appointments you can use an appointment scheduling program like this one. 

Q2.  What do I have to do to be successful promoting my business on the Internet?

A.  Remember building an online business is a journey not a destination you arrive at after paying a few hundred $$$s

B. Like with any other business or trade you need to learn test and adapt to suit your market.

C. Find a mentor someone who can show you what you need to do to start and build your new business online.

D. Be persistent anyone I know who has made a lot of money online has been persistent,  no matter what friends or family said to them.  They continued to follow their dreams, most people in a 9 to 5 job are too brainwashed or busy to understand what you are doing or why you are doing it anyway. 

Q3. I am looking an easy way to make money online will this work?

A.  This business is pretty simple if you follow the basic steps but definitely not easy.  Just because a online business can cost you a few hundred or even a few thousand to setup. Doesn’t mean that you should treat it any differently than a 500,000 Franchise business.  A good measurement to look for is to look at yourself like an employee in your business.  Look at yourself honestly after a few weeks working on your online business.  Would you hire or fire yourself if you where a business owner? Hiring yourself to run your internet business, if you would hire yourself chances are you are doing a good job.   If not ask yourself why and decide to change it or it will soon be time to change your business or become an employee again.

Starting A New Business – Learn How To Get Your Business On The Internet


Social Media Marketing Tips For Beginners

One of the most important things about making money online is being able to get your eyes in front of a targeted audience of people.  It really does not matter how good your product, services or website content is if no one hardly ever sees it. One of the biggest mistakes beginners making online is perfecting their blog or website posts.  Spending 80% of their time doing 20% of the necessary work, and whether you care to admit it or not this costs you valuable time and money.


There are so many expensive looking high tech websites on the internet that hardly anyone ever sees.  The reason for this is that many of the writers are  just that. Yes they are writers not marketers.  Focus on doing the 80% that takes 20% of the time for example many people can write a 750 word article in 10 mins but they might spend another 20 mins to an hour fine tuning or making it pretty.   This valuable time would be much better spent marketing their content or writing another 3 posts instead of messing about on the little things like they do.

Remember Not Many People Will See A Billboard In The Middle Of The Desert

Think of your finely tuned blog post that took hours to finalise as the billboard in the desert.   Yes before you can make any money you have to direct lots of traffic or visitors to see it.   This is where many beginners fall short, they do a few blog posts and then wait for the money to land on their lap.   Then when it doesn’t they may say something like blogging doesn’t work, or I need to go back to a job as I am not making enough money.  More often than enough they quit too soon before their new blog really starts to take off.

A good guide for blogging would be to spend maybe 15 mins writing your article then spend about 30 minutes distributing your article or blog posts to Social Media Networks, Groups ETC.  Then spend  15 mins sending an email with your blog post or video etc to your mailing list.   I will be adding a few posts about Social Media and also a list of Facebook Groups where you can post your stuff if you are in the MLM, Internet Marketing or the Home Based Business Industry.

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Social Media Marketing Tips For Beginners