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The Truth About Network Marketing On Facebook


The Truth About Network Marketing On Facebook

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Are You Being Attacked By Network Marketers?

Have you ever been going about your business and then out of nowhere some person comes on your Facebook chat. Pretending to want to chat, you go over to their Facebook wall and you see every post is about them promoting their business.

Within ten minutes you are getting the business practically rammed down your throat?   You tell them at least 5 reasons why you will not be buying their product and they keep on trying to sell it.

Hmm do they think they are going to take control of your body and mind. Or think that if they BS you long enough you will join to get rid of them. Who knows  but once it gets to this stage it is getting beyond a joke.

I mean in Internet marketing 101 I learned many years ago. That when I started selling products and services online was to put your product or service out there on your blog or website and share it in social media or with paid ads and the people who want it or need it will get back to you or join.

Which has worked for me for years. this aggressive marketing on Social Media not only wastes my time their time for being deaf.  But it really starts pissing me off eventually I mean how thick skinned can you really get..

Sending one message after another I want to put you on Skype with my upline Blah Blah Bah Bullshit…   Selling products and services is done using systems, and by providing value not by bullying people into joining your venture.

Everybody wants to buy, nobody wants to have a product they have no interest in rammed down their throat.  In the type of cases where people may need something but don’t know it. You can create a video or presentation to educate them why, and post it on social media. Some will buy some won’t no need to pull your hair out about it.


If they don’t buy then tweak the presentation test it and make it better.  If they don’t want it they can turn the video off no spam intended. If they want your product or service they will buy it.  These old time Dinosaur Marketers as I call them are not doing themselves any favours.  The fact is when they do have something you genuinely want to buy they won’t be able to sell it to you because  as soon as you see their message. Or see them at your door, you will want to slam the door in their face.

The crazy thing is many of these people go to seminars all the time.  You think they could understnd the basics of communication and the English language. Bottom line is when I see one of these people I send them this.  And if that still doesn’t work then it’s time to shut the door abruptly or waste days being chased around by them.

 English language is really very simple you might confuse no for yes one or two times but my friend after the tenth no.  It is time to wake up or piss off into the moonlight. If you found this interesting or have similar stories feel free to share them in the comments below.


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Are You Being Attacked By Network Marketers?