The Simple Guide to setting up A Home Business

admin  —  July 28, 2015

The Simple Guide to setting up A Home Business

Brainstorm 100 ideas for a home based business out of the 100 ideas pick the three best ones and then narrow it down to one killer idea.


Once you have decided on one of the ideas then you just need to look for the tools required.

To set up your business some tools that you will probably require  will be  area website or a blog, some social media accounts to promote your business or products.

After this you need to decide whether your business is going to be your own product or service. Or whether you’re going to be an affiliate and sell other peoples products and services .There are many different alternatives and  probably too many to go into in this post.

If you  decide to be an affiliate you can sell other peoples products or services for a profit. 


A few other options you could use for setting up an online business could be putting gigs on microsites or outsourcing work for people.

In other words you get someone to do your job for certain price and sell the job to someone else at a higher price and then you keep the difference.

and example might be that you approach a magazine and tell them that you can supply them with articles for $20 each and then you go and find a good writer who will write an article for $10 each that way you get to keep the $10 profit on each article that they write.

Another possibility is you could outsource search engine optimisation to one company and then charge another company more money for the work.

people may think that this is not ethical but it actually is completely ethical. It’s just that one person buys a product at the wholesale price and sells it on at retail price exactly the way shops and supermarkets have been doing for hundreds of years.

Many times when you walk into hardware store and buy something you may be paying up to 5 for 10 times what that store owner actually bought the product for directly from the manufacturer.

So in the fact he is really the middleman and keep the profit after he pays the wages overheads and expenses. The only difference is by being on the Internet with your business you should have less overheads that way you can end up keeping more of the profit which is always a good thing.

I started an online blogging business a couple years ago this one blogging business has made me around $50,000 and commissions and that’s just from one of my many businesses.


So I definitely know that these type of things do work as long as you work them. In fact you can get the link to join that business below the blog post and you can actually get started  today for only $19

Personally I think this blogging system is one of the best and probably easiest ways that someone new could start making money from an online business.  Of course there are lots of other companies and network marketing businesses out there to but most of them pay very low commissions.

This particular blogging system pays you 70% commissions this is a very hard to find in the network marketing or MLM industry.

Since I started marketing online I have been in lots of online businesses and also affiliate programs and so far this business has given me the most amount of money for the least amount of effort. Of course they still do you have to put in some effort but I believe in order to be successful you always have to put some effort into things, especially in the beginning tell you get them going. Like I said earlier on this post I didn’t want to go into too many different business models in this blog post today but I’m going to add a link where you can go and see some other business ideas as well just click here for more info.


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The Simple Guide to setting up A Home Business

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