What Is Empower Network? And How Can You Benefit From It

admin  —  May 19, 2015

What Is Empower Network? And How Can You Benefit From It

Before we start today I want to set the record straight.  Especially for anyone who is new to online business and doesn’t realise how this industry works.

There are a group of people we call them haters generally, but you can call them whatever you want haters, trolls, losers, whatever you like.   Or Scam review people as I like to call them.

These scam review people basically drive traffic to their website or advertisements by writing their article title as a company or online business name or persons name and then the word scam after it.


As the word implies the majority of these scam review sites are actually there to tell you that XYZ Company  Product Doesn’t work Or Person XYZ is a scam artist etc etc. In order to generate traffic to ads or products which are in many cases very inferior to the products company or people they are knocking.  The truth is scam is a negative keyword and no matter what company products or famous person you look for and type in the scam keyword after it you will hear lots of negativity.  In fact most of these scam reviewers never bought all the products or did the courses and followed the steps of the products they are reviewing.  In many cases they also use negative hearsay from someone who signed up for something and never took the first step towards setting up the business.

And they do all of this in the name of free traffic. I myself am a member of a system which actually teaches this and I completely disagree with it.  But I am not in that system for the trainings just the social networking and the hosting that I get for my websites. Please note that system is not Empower Network .   I am on the other hand also A member of Empower Network and throughout my time there I have seen a lot of peoples lives change.  Including my own, I have actually made just under $50,000 in commissions using Empower Network and I would like to talk today a little about what it actually is and how it can benefit you in your life and your business.

Before we start I would just like to say if you have any doubt in your head about this business then just keep doing what you are doing.  And see how that works for you, now on the other hand if you want to know some more about the Empower Network Business System at any stage you can also go here and find out more at the company website

I first made my decision to give up working a job for someone else when I was fired for being two hours late to work after pre arranging it to book our February 14th Wedding. My wife was at the time pregnant with our first son and it was a wake up call to not depend on 1 single employer for your income. That is if you want to have any income after I quit my job I never looked back,  it was a few years later that I stumbled onto one of my mentors blog posts and saw a video with David Wood And Dave Sharp and  decided this sounded like the business for me and that’s how I got started in Empower Network.

A few weeks after I joined Empower Network I saw a picture of my upline on stage with a cheque for $28,000 Dollars at that stage I hadn’t really taken the business seriously and had signed up 3 people..  This made me realise I had to start takings some serious action it was right around that time one of my downline saw the inner circle video and upgraded .  Unfortunately because I didn’t buy the product I got an email saying the sale passed up to my upline and he got $100 a month residual commission instead of me.

What Is Empower Network? And How Can You Benefit From It

It was at that stage I made the decision to Go All In with Empower Network and Buy All the products.


Viral Blogging System – Level 1 – “Starter” Level

Inner Circle –  Level 2 – Mindset” Level

Top Producer Formula (Costa Rica Intensive Mastermind At The Time) –  Level 3 – “Producer” Level

Team Building Formula ( 15k Formula At The Time ) –   Level 4 – “Builder” Level

Mass Influence Formula (Masters Course At The Time) –   Level 5 – “Influencer” Level (ALL-IN)  


I remember my first $1000 Commission email I came back to one day after going for a walk with my kids on the beach.   I was hooked after that 🙂

If you think it is cool making a thousand dollar sale then imagine waking up to your first $3000 Sale Like my friend Matthew Armstrong did  in the video below.




At Empower Network we have a very uplifting community of successful empowered people who are helping others to also be able to break free from the 9 To 5 Grind. 

If you register today with me you will also get access to other trainings and systems on top of what you get with Empower Network including access to our team masterminding groups. 


You can see one of our team hangouts here 


 I have woken up and came home to multiple $3000.00 Commissions but not everyone is willing to put in the time , work or commitment that I have and not everyone will do what I do, you can see the income disclaimer here.


My EN upline who went bankrupt and lost is home went from $0 to $800,000 in commissions in Empower Network in a few years. The goal of the founder of our company David Wood is to create 100 New Millionaires per Year.  What an awesome goal for a CEO of a company to have for his clients!!  We are also in English And Spanish, German And Russian funnels are coming soon and then will be more as we expand worldwide. 

You can get started for as little as $7 Today 



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What Is Empower Network? And How Can You Benefit From It

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