Passive Income Streams – The Secret To Leaving Your 9 To 5 Job

Passive income streams are an attractive prospect for many people who are looking to get out of the grind of their 9 to 5-jobs. The concept of passive income is one that has been around for quite some time, but has gained popularity more recently. The idea is to create income streams that require little effort and maintenance on your part and should provide you with a steady income.

In order to create successful passive income streams you need to start by identifying areas where there is a potential for profit. Some examples of common passive income streams include investing in real estate or dividend stocks, renting out properties to create a rental income, or creating a blog or an online store and monetizing it.

Passive Income Streams - The Secret To Leaving Your 9 To 5 Job

Once you have identified the right type of passive income streams to pursue you need to select your investments wisely. Make sure that your investments are diversified, so that you can mitigate the risks associated with any individual investment. Additionally, make sure that you are making well-informed decisions when investing.

Once you have established some passive income streams you should also work on making sure they are managed properly. This means having systems in place to track your income and expenses, so you can make sure your income is growing. Ideally, you should also be working to increase your passive income over time. This can be done through reinvesting or by taking advantage of any growth opportunities that arise. It is important to remember, however, that this is a long-term goal; you should not expect to generate passive income overnight.

If you are willing to invest the time and effort required to create and manage passive income streams, it can result in a steady and independent source of income that can eventually lead you to financial freedom.

1. Investing in Dividend Stocks – Dividend stocks can provide a steady source of passive income as the stock pays out dividends quarterly or yearly. Not all stocks offer dividends, but stocks of companies like Coca-Cola, Johnson & Johnson, Apple, and Microsoft are all reliable sources of dividend income.

2. Create an e-Book – Writing and publishing your own book can be a great way to generate passive income. You can write and publish your own e-book, or use an existing platform like Kindle Direct Publishing.

3. Create an Online Course – Another great way to generate passive income is to create an online course. This can be an effective way to teach customers about your area of expertise or share your knowledge with others. Online courses can be sold through platforms like Udemy, or you can set up your own website to sell the courses.

4. Invest in REITs – Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) offer investors the opportunity to invest in real estate without having to own the physical property. REITs allow you to invest in real estate portfolios and generate passive income.

5. Start a Blog – Starting your own blog is an easy way to generate passive income. You can create high-quality content that readers will enjoy, while also monetizing it with ads and affiliate programs.

6. Mining. Cryptocurrency – Cryptocurrency mining, also known as crypto mining, is the process of verifying and adding transactions to the public ledger, referred to as the blockchain. This process rewards miners with a certain amount of cryptocurrency for their efforts.

In cryptocurrency mining, special hardware is used to solve complex mathematical problems in order to validate and add transactions to the blockchain. Miners are awarded cryptocurrency as a reward for their efforts. To be successful in crypto mining, miners must have a strong technical background, as well as the proper hardware and software to get the job done.

Cryptocurrency mining can be a lucrative business, depending on the type of cryptocurrency and the current market conditions. Prices can vary wildly and it can be difficult to predict the direction of the cryptocurrency market. In addition, miners must consider the power consumption of their rigs, as electricity costs can quickly eat into profits.

Cryptocurrency mining is an exciting way to invest in the digital world. With diligent research and the right hardware, miners can make a decent return on their investment in a relatively short amount of time.

Offering Digital Marketing Services

Digital marketing services are an effective way to reach potential customers and boost website traffic. The services offered by digital marketing agencies include search engine optimization, pay-per-click advertising, content creation, website design, email marketing, and social media management.


These services can help businesses promote their products and services, build brand recognition, and engage with their target audience. Additionally, digital marketing services can help businesses stay ahead of the competition and drive traffic and leads to their website.

Some Ideas For Creating Passive Income Streams



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20 Income Generation Ideas To Help You Leave Your 9 To 5 Job


1. Become a freelancer: Offer your skills to handle a variety of projects from web development to writing and more.

2. Start a blog: Identify a niche and focus on creating content your readers will love and, in turn, can help you earn money.


3. Invest in stocks and mutual funds: Make investments and maximize your returns by following a smart plan.

4. Launch an online store: Choose a niche and sell products that your customers need.

5. Create an e-book or digital product: Use your knowledge and expertise to create a unique digital product that can be sold over and over again.

6. Become a coach or consultant: Leverage your current skills and experience to offer coaching or consulting services.

7. Become a digital nomad: Live and work remotely while taking advantage of the low cost of living in countries like Thailand and Indonesia.

8. Invest in real estate: Make investments in hot markets and reap the rewards of your investments over time.

9. Charge for premium content: Create content exclusive to those who are willing to pay, whether through video or written content.

10. Become an affiliate marketer: Promote other people’s products and earn revenue through commission.

11. Invest in cryptocurrency: Take advantage of the current cryptocurrency craze and become a cryptocurrency investor.

12. Launch a podcast: Offer subscribers and followers valuable content through audio-only podcasts.

13. Offer expert advice: Share your knowledge and experience by offering expertise and services to those who need it.

14. Flip websites and domains: Generate income by finding great deals on websites and domains that you can flip for a profit.

15. Become a virtual assistant: Offer your services to entrepreneurs on a flexible schedule and from the comfort of your own home.

16. Develop an app: Utilize your tech skills to create a unique app for the App Store and make money from the downloads.

17. Sell services online: Offer your skills and skillsets to those in need to monetize your knowledge.

18. Create a membership site: Allow members exclusive access to content or resources and charge fees on a regular basis.

19. Monetize YouTube videos: Create videos and use the platform’s monetization options to make money from each view.

20. Start an online course: Share your knowledge and expertise by creating an online course and charging for the teaching.

7 Tips for Working at Home

admin  —  March 8, 2022

Alright! You made the big leap from your 9-5 to working at home. Good for you. Congratulations. You have a great deal to learn and be prepared for some surprises. Your efforts will pay off and your entrepreneurial spirit is going to soar.

There is a kind of thrill to doing this kind of business. Essentially, you now understand that any money or blessing produced is a byproduct of your hard work. The possibilities are endless.

You might be wondering how you can help yourself get off to a good start. These 7 tips will help you do that.

1) Make sure you have a separate place in your home for working. It can be a bedroom, a section of the garage, or a corner of the living room. You just want to make something that you can define as an office or workspace. This is an important practical matter and a psychological one as well.

2) Make sure your workspace has all the materials and tools you need for work. Although this is a very basic idea, it is important. Keep all supplies within reach and provide yourself backups if things break down. Pens, paper, ink, another laptop in case something crazy happens to your desktop, extra light bulbs, etc. Just do what you have to do to keep from driving to a store during a typical workday. You will waste a great deal of time if you have to drop everything and run to an office supply place when you should actually be working on a project.

3) On the subject of time management, make sure you understand the steps needed to define your business. When will you work? When will you engage in marketing? When will you interface with others? When will you talk to clients? What time management tool will you use to keep your daily schedule of work and appointments?


4) Make sure you are balancing your life between planning and money-making activities. The most often misuse of time that happens with entrepreneurs is they take a great deal of action, but don’t plan very well. If I could put it another way, entrepreneurs tend to do things that keep them busy instead of working on important ingredients of the current project. Remember: Being busy does not necessarily mean you are being productive. Tip: Plan a few goals. Work backwards to make a step-by-step action plan.

5) Create a network and work it! Talking to humans that become customers or collaborators is a great use of your time. Sharing your passion and engaging in enthusiastic activities with others creates relationship and sparks creativity. Engage in letting others know what you do. It will enhance your business and your personal life.

6) Work on your professional image. Don’t sit around and worry over why more people don’t think of you as a professional. Show yourself to be a professional and you will be treated as one. Do the practical things like setting up a separate bank account or payment method for your business. Install a separate phone line or get a 1-800 number. Be pleasant and courteous to everyone. Get a professional logo and buy some marketing materials. Be the business person you would like to do business with.

7) Automate your business and buy the tools you need to make it happen. Don’t make the mistake of thinking you can do all of the separate tasks yourself. As your business grows and each day brings more and more tasks, you will find you will have to automate certain tasks. Set these processes up beginning the first day and you can busy yourself with important money-making activities.

Again, congratulations on making the jump from trading your time for money to leveraging your talent for productivity. You are going to do well. I can feel it.

10 Useful Productivity Hacks for Small Business Owners

Do you feel like you are always running out of time?

Do you think that you are working hard as a business unit and you are providing your 100% but still it is not enough?

The simple solution to these things can be having more time. But, this is something that cannot be achieved practically. You cannot increase the time that you have, but you can decrease the time that it takes you to perform certain tasks. This is known as increasing productivity.

In today’s time, everyone needs to be productive to get the desired results whether they work in small scale industries or in a big organization. This is the time to brush your and your employee’s skills and become more productive.

Benefits of Increased Productivity:

1. It increases the profitability of your business.

2. It lowers the operational costs of your business.

3. It ensures an optimized use of the resources.

4. It improves the customer service of your business as you will be able to deliver all the projects at or before time.

5. It helps in the growth of your business.

6. It reduces waste and improves the working environment of your business.

7. It improves the competitiveness of your business.

8. It reduces employee burnout.

9. It enhances the wedges of your business.

10. It improves your and your employee’s morale.

11. It improves the engagement of your employees.

You can experience all these benefits when your and your employee’s productivity increases. This may take some time and cost you a little too, but think of this as an investment that will improve your skills and will produce effective results in the end.

Today’s input and the time you spend will save a huge amount of stress and time in the future. Productivity hacks are what we call “working smart instead of working hard.”These tips will help you in producing the same results in less time. Let’s have a look at some productivity hacks for your small business.

10 Useful Productivity Hacks for Small Business Owners:

1.   Prepare a list of Priorities:
As an owner of the small business, you will always have your table full of various tasks that you have to perform. You may or you may not have an employee for help and therefore there will be dozens of tasks that you will have to perform yourself. Let’s say you are an ecommerce merchant and perform various tasks in your logistics software or store management software. Then you must Prioritize your task with different filters to get desired results in your business.

There can be tasks like calling a customer for taking orders and you may have a task of ordering a new chair in case more customers come to your shop. Both the tasks are important but the later one is more important and profitable, and therefore you should perform the later one first.

Prioritize your tasks based on their importance in the following order:

●  Must do

●  Want to do

●  Will do in free time

There are better tools available in the market for prioritizing the tasks which could provide accurate result regarding the task handling. One such tool is SmartTask. It is considered as good Clickup Alternative in the project management department.



2.   Choose your least preferred task first:
In your priority list, there will be some tasks that you will like to perform and there will be tasks that you will avoid to perform again and again. The reason can be as simple as the task is boring and you don’t like to do it, or the task can be really hard and you are not up for the challenge as of now.

However, if the task is on the priority list, you have to perform it sometime soon, and therefore the best time for such tasks is to perform them first. If you are able to complete the worst task first, then you will be left with only the good tasks, plus you will also have the satisfaction that the worst task is completed.

3.   Delegate the work properly:

A task like the packing of the product can be performed easily and in speed by your employee, however, if you sit to perform the same task, you may need twice as much time as they do. And when it comes to preparing the accounts, you will be more effective than your employee.

This shows that in order to save time and work effectively, the task should be given to the right person. Likewise, understand the strengths and weaknesses of yourself and your employees and delegate work to the person that can handle it better. You could also get the productivity with your team members If you use communication tools for assigning, sharing the work with each other. 

4.   Stop checking the emails again and again:
If anyone has replied to your newsletter? How many people have subscribed today? These are some unproductive questions that will pop-up again and again in your mind and will force you to refresh your mails.

When you are doing something, your full focus should be on that thing only. If you switch tasks in between, this will affect your productivity and project scope.

In order to avoid this, set a spare time for checking and replying to emails. Having a dedicated time for emails will save you from checking emails again and again.

5.   Avoid Social Media:
Using social media is inarguably the most unproductive thing that you can do while working. It is the most distracting thing while working. You may think of using social media for a minute or two and you will end up using it for an hour straight.

While working, make sure that you mute your mobile. If you will get messages from customers or company messages, then make sure that you logout of all the other social media sites which will not be used for your work.

When you are working for many clients then your client management becomes important for you and your business. So Social media channels must have to be avoided when handling different client works in the company.

6.   Shorten your meetings:
Meetings are very important for a business to run, but at the same time, you should know the difference between a productive meeting and a meeting in which less work is discussed and more time is wasted.

The meeting should be on point and no time should be wasted in it. Make sure that you do not call random meetings , but you do consider the full flow and the agenda of the meeting beforehand. Call a meeting only if the particular agenda requires a meeting, and cannot be sent via an email or message.

A tip in this case can be to have a meeting while everyone is standing, as this increases their concentration and alertness.

7.   Shift your business to online means:
Paying an electricity bill by going to the office and paying it online has a huge difference. The offline way can take hours while the online process will just take a few minutes.

Think about all the activities that are better when they are shifted online. How long does the process of sending a message via flyers take vs sending the message on an online group? The difference in the time that you save will help your business in achieving the productiveness that you need.

This is the point where you understand the need or importance of project management in your organization. Everything will be under one software and you will be able to manage all your and your employee’s tasks from one place.

8.   Don’t Multitask:

Multitasking is just a myth and a very big contributor towards unproductiveness. Believing in multitasking is like believing that Santa is real.

When you multitask, you are just wasting your time. You will be switching between two or more tasks again and again and nothing else. If two tasks can be done in 30 minutes each, while multitasking it will take 90 minutes or more, because as you switch between tasks, your concentration is shifted and it takes time to do something in flow.

9.   Schedule “Me Time”:
All work and no play will make you unproductive. Have you ever noticed that your mind works much faster after a happily spent holiday and works the slowest on Saturdays?

This is what happens when you do not get ample rest or fun. In order to be productive, you will have to be happy and relaxed, and that is not possible when you are working all the time. Set some time alone for yourself and do things that make you happy. This will have a huge effect on your productiveness.

10.   Move around:
If you are stuck, don’t force your way and move around. Get some fresh air and walk to ease up a little bit and then you will be able to get unstuck.

If you are not feeling productive, it will not come to you if you force it. You will have to wait or explore to get new inspirations, This doesn’t mean that you go on expensive tours to explore, you can simply go out to a coffee shop or anything that you like, and in the way, you will come across some sort of inspiration.


Follow the above mentioned 10 Useful Productivity Hacks for Small Business Owners to achieve productiveness in your small business. These small steps may take some time, but consider them as an investment that will bear fruitful results for your business in the near future. 

10 Useful Productivity Hacks for Small Business Owners



Want to start a part-time business? All you need is a few hours of musing. Whenever your full-time job pulls out sometime during the weekdays, you can always give a few hours on the weekends to establish a virtuoso and make it as your part-time business. No need to quit your current full-time job or peril your life savings.


Everything leads to an invaluable experience. So if you are looking forward to starting a part-time business and in the long run extending it to a full-time business, the part-time business experience will help you while launching a larger business.


Confidence plays a vital role in all aspects of life. Wondering that you don’t have enough skills or knowledge to start a business and a side hustle, but there are multitudinous options to start a business that requires little expertise, little time, and plenty of confidence. 


Beginners can start off with online business. The e-commerce marketplaces have revolutionized the way of shopping. Paytm being the only of its kind in mobile e-commerce has gained huge popularity. Timely KYC is to be done in the nearby Paytm kyc center to continue to the services provided by Paytm.



  • Have a greater level of understanding your investment



Things work out best for those who make the best of how things work out.” – John Wooden


Figure out what part-time really means to you. If you are into a full-time job, how are you going to manage this new venture so that you do not burden yourself later working days and nights? Does part-time mean 20 hours per week? 30 hours? Depends on your definition of part-time. 


Create a success plan and annotate your expectations, objectives, and targets from the part-time business. Document your list to achieve milestones.  List out the documents needed to start the business. Figure out what you really want, and are you willing to invest your time and energy with 100% focus? List out things which it’s going to take and contemplate are you ready to do it.


GST registration procedure is mandatory If you are planning to start an online business. Starting an online business is trending these days and can be easily managed with a full-time job.


You need to understand the different taxes and state codes for GST. These taxes are applied automatically in the Invoices and all other details can be fetched with automation.



  • Time Management and resilience 



Time is not the main thing, it is the only thing–  Miles Davis


Time is the new money. Everyone has been given 24 hours. One of the major reasons for success in anything is how efficiently you manage the time. Discipline is an important aspect. So be extremely disciplined about your schedule. Do not procrastinate. Perhaps working for a part-time business is not a piece of cake.

Handling clients is a matter where you will have to work according to their timings. Responding to the expectations and deadlines in a timely manner requires dedication and time. There will be a time when you will be in your working hours, you won’t be able to take calls or respond to your part-time business client calls.


How would you manage this? There are ways around. You can opt for voice mails. Google Voice is an app that allows users to get messages. The voice messages are sent as messages/texts so that part-time business owners can respond to them asap. There are other ways – Virtual Answering Machines, charging a few monthly fees but have gained popularity among part-time business owners and entrepreneurs.


You must be resilient in all situations. Success comes to those who are resilient. The pressure in business is often draining. We have to manage priorities – work, business, family, passions, etc. Sometimes you may feel overwhelmed, but it is important to be resilient in such situations. Work on building a positive attitude and find out time to do things that you love or you are passionate about, in order to balance the stress.


  • Get yourself a coach



Part-time business reduces financial risks. But sets the risk of delay. Working on a full-time job, sometimes it may occur to you to delay your part-time business especially when you have not invested much. So this will make you lazy about your part-time business. The best way to overcome this is to have a person who can be accountable. This person can be anyone – your coach, friend, spouse, family member, or anyone.


So find someone who won’t let you derail. You can discuss anything and everything about your business. Get new small business ideas on increasing efficiency and productivity.  The right person will cancel out all the loopholes.


You can also follow a role model, be it anyone. Someone who inspires. Someone with whom you can share everything. Amidst in the loud noise, find someone who will offer you peace.


Still, confused about what to start with? Various easy part-time businesses you can start with.



  • Moral and Emotional support from Family and Friends



Moral support is more important than financial support.” – Anonymous 


Mental stability is very important. There can be no one better than friends and family to provide emotional support. There may be times when you won’t be able to handle the burden and will require moral and emotional support. In these times, you can either be self-motivated or have someone who may support you.


Have someone – a best friend, spouse, parents with whom you can share and release the burden. Also, you may not get time to spend with your loved ones due to a shortage of time. It may put strains between you and your family. Your family is the first reason for whom you might be doing this. So do not let that happen and manage the work-life balance.


In the beginning, sleepless nights and working endlessly on the weekends to fulfill the client’s demands. But, in such cases, we have often seen how the family members are encouraged.  You can also go for various support groups which have similar business as yours.



  • Enfold your non-success


Don’t think about your errors or failures; otherwise, you’ll never do a thing.” – Bill Murray

So ups and downs in any business are inextricable. Looking at the negatives, you cannot just give up.


Failure is a moment to learn. It is very important to embrace failures. You need to accept yourself and situations considering it as an opportunity to grow. Your failures or your current situation do not measure your self-worth but develop a mindset that keeps us pushing forward. It’s like falling down but bouncing back with double intensity and energy.


Take a look at the legendary people – Steve Jobs, resigned as the chairman of Apple, and exactly after 12 years ye joined back, making Apple the best. So part-time business will let you learn more from your failures than your success. So love and accept your failure to learn and gain experience.


So have a determined spirit, will you fail again? Likely. Will that stop you? Not at all!



This is a complementary thing in life to choose between a job or a business. The war is ages old and everyone has to face this dilemma. This is a decision on which our future depends. But not every person is granted the privilege of choosing one, as to start a business, capital is needed and this is something that is not affordable to everyone.

So it is but natural that the only option that those people are left with is a job, but there is a saying that you are the one that can make or break you. If you wanted to start a business and at that time if your financial situation was not good, so what? You can take the harder road. i.e. you can earn the needed capital by yourself and then you can start your business.

Few businesses which you can go for with minimal requirements – start ecommerce business, sell on amazon etc.

But as good as this sounds, it’s as hard. There are advantages and disadvantages as well.



  1. You will feel more secure as you have your job and that is a source of permanent income for you.
  2. You will pursue something that you are passionate about and thus this factor will boost your productivity and you will enjoy whatever you are doing.
  3. Keeping the job will allow you to take advantage of the resources available at your job and will help you in expanding your professional network.


  1. You will have zero time for yourself. You have to work at your office and when you come back home, you have to work there too. Therefore no or less life until your business is fully set.
  2. You will consider your business as a hobby and thus this will make you less motivated to nurture it to fruition.

Here are some steps on how you can start your business while still working:

1.   Find motivation:

Nothing is possible if we do not have the right reason to do it. No one will be able to climb a mountain if they are not motivated enough. Opening a business while still working is going to be like climbing Mount Everest.

You have to work continuously. This will impact your social and personal life. Just remember that a dream will be a dream unless you decide to act on it. So if you want to make it real, you have to give it your all.

Make a list of what you do in a day along with the time taken and then you have to eliminate as many tasks as possible. You have to free as much time as you can so that you can devote the time to your business. You have to come up with a proper project planning if you want to turn your dream into reality.


2.   Point out your pluses and minuses:

Different businesses require different skill sets. Take a pen and paper or your laptop and list all the skills and abilities that you possess. Then you have to check whether these are the skills and abilities that are required for your business or not. If yes, you are good to proceed.

But, if the answer is no, this is the first hard decision that you have to make. Now you have two options. Either you have to learn all the necessary skills or you have to change your plan and business and you have to find a business that requires the skills and abilities that you have.

If you are a business minded person and If you already have a business setup, you can become a Shopclues seller, Flipkart seller, Snapdeal seller, Paytm seller with minimal efforts.

3.   Is your idea right?:

My friend left his job and started a startup with a product that can automatically water the plants that you have in your home. Using this you do not have to worry about watering your plants while you are at your home or you are out for a vacation. Sadly, the product failed as he was not aware that people love to water their plants and their gardens.

He neglected human nature and a full year of hard work was wasted, in fact, this is one of the main reasons why many products fail as the founders do not search properly if their product is needed in the market or not.

It doesn’t matter how useful your product is, what matters is whether it is needed in the market or not. The whole project scope depends on the demand for the product in the market.

4.   What is your advantage?:

You are new in the market and what you want the most is sales.

You have to find out if you have a competitive advantage or not?  You have to find out if your business will make more sales than the competition or not? Whether your margin will be higher or not? Is it possible to acquire and retain more customers or not? This is known as a competitive advantage.

At least you should be able to cover all your expenses.

5.   Set your goals:

You can reach nowhere if you do not know where you have to go. The same applies here. You have to set a realistic goal in order to achieve it and measure your success. I know your dream is big but in the beginning, you are not in the place to achieve big. Therefore, you should set some realistic goals so that you can achieve them and you can measure your success.

You must have heard that you should climb a ladder step by step. Therefore, set some achievable goals and do not forget to celebrate when you reach these goals. After all, if you reach your goals, this means your hard work is paying off.

You can start with easy and simple steps, someone who is interested in blogging must start with simple and evergreen topics such as how to use paytm.

6.   Create tasks:

Finding your goal and reaching it is entirely different. You have found your goal and now you have to find a way to reach your goal. Create a plan and set up tasks to reach your goal.

Make a detailed task list with deadlines so that you can have a timetable that you can follow to reach your goal.

7.   Outsourcing is a good idea:

Starting a business while working means that you have to work all the time. In such a case it is possible that you will find yourself stuck with boring and repetitive tasks that are hurting your productivity and are hindering your timeline. This can be bad for your business’s growth.

In such a case, you should outsource all the tasks that you can so that you can focus on all the main and important tasks. This will increase your productivity and will help you to reach your goals faster.

8.   Request for feedback:

To get the maximum sales you have to create a product that has the highest demand and to do so you have to seek feedback. By doing so, you can save yourself from creating something that no one wants.

This will improve your product as you can add all the features that people want, and to know what people want, you have to seek feedback.

9.   Reach critical mass before quitting your job:

The business has uncertainty and you don’t want to have it in your life. But, if you quit your job before reaching critical mass, you will have it in your life.

Don’t jump to any decision quickly. You should not leave your job unless you are sure that you can earn equal to or more than your salary. You have waited so long, so why can’t you wait till you have reached the critical point? Be patient and make only those decisions that do not lead to regret.

This post is a kind contribution from Mohit Sharma.

Author Bio:

Mohit is an ECommerce Enthusiast and Owner of MohitECommerce. He is Working With Many Vendors in Different Categories of Products Across Various Marketplaces. He is Very Good at Amazon Seller Training, Amazon FBA, Amazon Seller Registration, Amazon Brand Registry, Amazon Account Suspended (Making Plan of Action). He Likes To Help All Type of Businesses Mainly Small and Medium Businesses Which are eager to Step in Online Business.

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  2. Giving people who are not trustworthy admin access to your Facebook group. They could very easily delete you from the group and then you would lose control and possibly access to your Facebook Group.
  3. Allowing content that is not in keeping within the subject of the Facebook Group, so if your Facebook is about personal development you do not want people selling cars or posting lots of negative things in your group
  4. Make sure to edit group settings so that people can not post stories without getting a group admin’s permission.
  5. Don’t forget to claim your Facebook group URL before someone else claims it.
  6. Make sure that you post relevant and useful content to your Facebook group to keep your members interested and coming back again to the group regularly.
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