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Social Media Marketing Tips For Beginners

One of the most important things about making money online is being able to get your eyes in front of a targeted audience of people.  It really does not matter how good your product, services or website content is if no one hardly ever sees it. One of the biggest mistakes beginners making online is perfecting their blog or website posts.  Spending 80% of their time doing 20% of the necessary work, and whether you care to admit it or not this costs you valuable time and money.


There are so many expensive looking high tech websites on the internet that hardly anyone ever sees.  The reason for this is that many of the writers are  just that. Yes they are writers not marketers.  Focus on doing the 80% that takes 20% of the time for example many people can write a 750 word article in 10 mins but they might spend another 20 mins to an hour fine tuning or making it pretty.   This valuable time would be much better spent marketing their content or writing another 3 posts instead of messing about on the little things like they do.

Remember Not Many People Will See A Billboard In The Middle Of The Desert


Think of your finely tuned blog post that took hours to finalise as the billboard in the desert.   Yes before you can make any money you have to direct lots of traffic or visitors to see it.   This is where many beginners fall short, they do a few blog posts and then wait for the money to land on their lap.   Then when it doesn’t they may say something like blogging doesn’t work, or I need to go back to a job as I am not making enough money.  More often than enough they quit too soon before their new blog really starts to take off.

A good guide for blogging would be to spend maybe 15 mins writing your article then spend about 30 minutes distributing your article or blog posts to Social Media Networks, Groups ETC.  Then spend  15 mins sending an email with your blog post or video etc to your mailing list.   I will be adding a few posts about Social Media and also a list of Facebook Groups where you can post your stuff if you are in the MLM, Internet Marketing or the Home Based Business Industry.

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Social Media Marketing Tips For Beginners

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