12 Things To Do If You Hate Your Job

admin  —  May 2, 2015

12 Things To Do If You Hate Your Job


Could this be you?  Or someone you know, the truth is there are millions of people all around the world who hate their job.  

So if you are one of them then believe me you are not alone.

So what can or even better what are you going to do about it? In order for things to change then you will need to change something.  Remember what Albert Einstein said about doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results!!  Okay so let’s get started.

No1 Is what many people do I don’t really recommend it as you could be jumping out of the frying pan into the fire. Let’s face it a job is a job excuse the

Just Over Broke (JOB)  Acronym


but Of course whether you choose to look for another Job  is entirely up to you.


1. You could start looking for a new job! Searching through the Jobcentre, recruitment agencies, local newspapers and the Internet for a different job. That you will hopefully like better.


2. Find a way to get rid of some of the other colleages that you hate working with in your job ( Often people do not like their job because they don’t like their workmates)   If you cannot get rid of them, once again consider changing jobs.


3. Start making a plan to leave your job.  Visualizing things are a great way to make things happen.  If you really hate your boss/ your employer why not make a plan for leaving them or  plan what your goodbye speech will be like

🙂 …


4. Write out your letter of resignation and hand it to your employer right now, or you can post date it for a future date, and give yourself some time to create other income streams before you leave.


5. Start a Part Time Business – Now there are so many low cost options to start your own Part Time business there really is no excuse the main thing is to pick a specific business model or type of business you can afford with a bit of effort.  Then work out how much money you need to make part time to be able to afford to quit your full time job. And Just Do It..


6. Take a leap of faith – This was what I did when I decided to quit my job it can feel a bit like jumping off a cliff with no parachute.  Decide what you are going to do, or even before you decide what you are going to do. Tell your boss or employer you have had it and saygoodbye to your job forever.  The good thing about taking a leap of faith is you have no safety net.  So you tend to put a lot more effort into making it work. Than some half hearted employee spending $10 to start up an online business.


7. Remember you are worth it – You only get one life unless you are a cat of course.  You deserve that life to be free from being bossed harassed or/and being underpaid for what you do.  Only you can give someone the authority to dictate to you what they think your time is worth in many cases (minimum wage)

You are unique and priceless so before you undersell yourself to a job remember that there are so many better opportunities than that. You just sometimes need to open your eyes a little wider to see them.


8. Make some changes -Once again most of the time this won’t work but in order to make some changes it may be worth a try.  Voice your opinion to your boss or employer tell them what needs to change.  Do you need to get rid of some people you work with.  Do you feel underpaid? Then make a case tell him what you think you are worth and why.  You could end up with a promotion or more pay and better working conditions.   Worst case scenario if you give your boss an ultimatum you might have to leave or be fired.  But if your job sucks then that won’t matter anyway as they are doing yourself a favour anyway by getting out of that negative energy enviroment.


9. How about a prank – Do you enjoy pranks well then why not have some fun at your bosses expense. One day I was browsing through some Bulgarian Property websites looking for Land or Property to Buy.  Something caught my eye for all the wrong reasons, this man was selling his house and had done some DIY pictures in fact one of the pictures was this dull picture of a pair of old shoes on an old mahogany shoe rack. And a picture of this falling down shack he had listed it for about 20 times the value that it was worth.  At that moment I had an idea for a prank I sent an email to the owner via the property website giving him my friends telephone number and name.  In the email I said my friend was getting divorced and needed to buy a house immediately cash before his wife took him to court. 

Please call me on this number tomorrow in work to confirm all the details with me

The next day my friend got a call it was hilarious he had no idea what was going on and the owner could hardly speak English and thought he had the property sold he was saying you take my house and my friend thought he was going mad lol. 

In fact my friend when he realised it was me thought it was so funny he decided to do the same trick on his boss. This time we contacted someone selling a property in Pakistan asked him to call the boss to confirm the details gave him the bosses name mobile number I didn’t hear that call, but I certainly would have loved to have been a fly on the wall when that call  came through..


10. It depends on how much you dislike your boss  of course -there are  many other things you could probably do as well but then that depends on your own imagination and the relationship you have or had with your employer and where you are willing to draw the line I once worked for a complete witch in a catering job and the day before I left I rang in a load of large stock orders about 5 times what they normally ordered. I am sure it would have been interesting to see her face that day. 

11. Did or Does your boss have it in for you? – I had a boss who I felt had it in for me or at least thought he could treat me whatever way he liked. After asking for my 21St Birthday off he refused and told me I would be fired if I didn’t work that night.  He then told me i could go home early but kept me there till 2am on my birthday cleaning out an oven after cooking for  a restaurant full of customers.   So i waited till the busiest day of the year when I knew two other kitchen staff where off on holidays rang in sick that day which was the day before we where due to get three weeks paid holidays.  Making up a story that I broke my arm and left him that night in pandemonium in the restaurant, because of the way he treated me and others of course. After the three weeks holiday I rang in sick again and got another weeks pay before sending him a letter telling him I quit the job.  Because there where too many chiefs and not enough Indians.. 

12. Maybe your Boss Was Cool?  Who knows maybe you like or liked your boss maybe your boss or employer was good to you and just want to tell them nicely that you are leaving to start up your own enterprise or business or because you want a job with higher pay. 

I am not a good fan of being an employee and for anyone who feels the same way I would like to give you the opportunity to start your own business today. Just click on the button below and fill out the form to find out more details



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12 Things To Do If You Hate Your Job

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