The Day That Turns Your Life Around


Jim Rohn the day that turns your life around

Have you ever had a day like that?  Something happens!!   And at that moment you make a decision to do something drastic to turn your life around. I can remember a lot of moments throughout my life like this.

If you haven’t then that is okay too it is never too late to decide to turn your life around . Some of my biggest decisions where made on a whim because of one thing I had found out.  Or just one thing that really annoyed me .

1. When I was 15 I remember being insulted on two occasions by my parents about my weight one of them was the final straw.  I lost 5 stone in 6 months and kept my weight down for about 7 or 8 years after that until I got a driving job, and it began to creep back on.

2. The day I went to a seminar in Dublin and a man we met there told me aspartame was poison and made with the feces of bacteria.  That was the last day I ever drank diet coke or had sugar free chewing gum.

3. The time my dad died and I made the decision to start educating myself about health and nutrition and toxic pharmaceuticals and the huge scam behind it all.

4. The day I got fired from my job for being two hours late after asking permission to book our wedding day.  That was the day I decided I would never ever be an employee again, no matter what.

5. The day I decided to invest in Property and started fixing up and renting and flipping properties.  Which made me a lot of money and bought me a nice lifestyle and lots of luxuries along the way.

6. Three seminars that beyond a shadow of  made me decide to become a Internet and Affiliate Marketer and never look back till this day. 🙂

7. Seeing my two year old son and deciding that I was going to be there to watch him grow up.  Not at a job like other parents half of his life.

8. The day My Mercedes went on fire and burnt out in front of me. That was the day I made the decision to go to New York no matter what.  And from that 4 month trip I met my future wife there completely unexpectedly.

9. Some of the amazing friends, mentors and health and wellness experts I have met. A lot of them while at different seminars and events around the world or online.

What has changed your life for the better? I would love to hear your comments Please share them below in the comments area..


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The Day That Turns Your Life Around

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Why don’t you ask someone what their biggest frustration is when it comes to trying to build a profitable business online through blogging…

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Sotiris Bassakaropoulos

Why Work 9 To 5 When You Don’t Have To?

A number of years  I made a decision to quit my 9 to 5 job and have never looked back, and it is something I wouldn’t change for anything. It was quite funny because this morning I went to Sainsbury’s to get some things with my 11 year old son he was off his primary school for a few hours as he had an interview with the grammar school that he will be going to next year.  The funny thing is when I drove into  Sainsbury’s car park it was nearly empty I couldn’t help but think how predictable people are chained to a 9 To 5 Job.   Had it been Saturday you wouldn’t have been able to get a parking space anywhere near the entrance.


So after taking my son to the interview and then back to school we decided to go and visit a friend.  She asked us to set up a Cashback account for her so she could money back when she shops in Tesco, PC World,Currys,Halfords,Boots,Halfords,M&S And B&Q ETC…  So after about ten mins doing that we went out for a walk in the park in Crawfordsburn.  It was a nice sunny day but once again the park was empty the thing is that people are so programmed to work in jobs many of them never think outside the box to create themselves any other income streams.


Crawfordsburn Park Bangor

Luckily many years ago I watched and read some books about the cashflow quadrant and made the decision to change. That one decision which may seem hard at first is just the first of a series of decisions you need to make on the road to financial freedom. Of course you don;t have to do what I did you could always start another business part time. For me I just wanted to make the decision and burn my bridges that ensured I had to be successful, as there was no way back.

Two Roads Ahead 


I would like to give you the opportunity to work with me 1 on 1 on your own online business when you join using the button below.  I will be more than happy to meet with you in person or on Skype to discuss setting up your own online business.

Unfortunately I have a limited amount of time available so will only be able to do this with the first 5 people who join.   I look forward to helping you start your online business and help you create success soon. 

See you on the other side if you haven’t already make sure to connect with me on Facebook and any other Social Networks Too.   I also do 1 on 1 Coaching Over Skype so even if you are not living nearby we can do our coaching calls over Skype or Google Hangouts..


So make sure to take action right away as I want to make this a really easy decision for you.


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Why Work 9 To 5 When You Don’t Have To?

The Writers Survival Guide

admin  —  June 2, 2015

The Writers Survival Guide

When it comes to writing many times people will  either love it or hate it, but unfortunately when it comes to making an income often need and instant gratification take over. They stop you from doing what you love,or what you feel you want to do to create a better life a better world or just  getting your message out there.


I don’t really like using the word survive as I think that we all should be able to thrive and live life abundantly, but many people are happy just paying the bills, some basic food and a roof over their head so first I want to give you some ideas you can use as a writer in order to actually survive.


The great thing about being a writer and having access to the Internet is that it is a level playing field doesn’t matter what country you come from you can write content and get paid for it.

The question you may be asking is how can I go about that. And who is going to pay me. Well there are lots of different options but today I am just going to go over a few of them.

1. Micro Sites – Writing Jobs Here are a few ideas for writing jobs on Micro sites

Be a ghostwriter – Books

,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,       E-Books

,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,        Blogging

,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,         Video Script Writing

,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,         Copywriting

,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,           Essays

,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,          Film Script

,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,         Songwriting

,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,         Telemarketing Script


Create a blog and charge people to put an article on your blog or website.


Some writing topics could be


Travel Writing


Health And Fitness


Weight Loss





Funny Story



Magazine Writing

Fashion Writer

Research Writer



Childrens Story



Writing in a different language



2. Recruiting sites –  There are lots of sites online that are looking to recruit writers 

3. Selling Content Websites – Why not create a website that sells content? A few years ago we setup a website where people could buy high quality articles, unfortunately the person who was writing them went off on another path so we stopped.  But the fact is tens or hundreds of thousands of people are looking for unique high quality articles on a regular basis.  So why not be the one to supply them and get paid in the process.

4. Writing Books –  Of course you could always make money by writing your own books.  Nowadays with the Internet you don’t even need to have a publisher you can just upload your book to Amazon and sell it there.  The thing to remember about selling books is a catchy Headline/Title and also a book cover that stands out.  And of course a good book that people enjoy reading will help you get the word out by word of mouth.

5. Writing E-Books – If creating physical books sounds like too much effort, why not write some E-books.  Once again you can sell your E-Book on Amazon Kindle and also on your own website.  There are also lots of other platforms where you can sell E-Books and Software too.  Like JV ZOO, Clickbank, PayDotCom.Com and many others.

6. Blogging – It may be last on the list but blogging is one of my favourite ways of making money online.  I myself have made well over $50,000 Blogging using the system below.  My upline who was bankrupt lost his house and was living on church food donations.  Has now made over $800,000 dollars using this system.  


You can click The Button  To Get Access 


 A couple of others things that will also help you along the way would be some extra money,some spare time and a supportive partner or business partner 🙂 


The Writers Survival Guide

Are You a Crap Magnet?

admin  —  May 29, 2015

Are You a Crap Magnet?

I am going to let them off the hook here, but I was talking to someone recently who was complaining about their money problems their life.About working in a crummy minimum wage job to try and exist every month. The thing is that they surround themselves with other employees.  And strangely enough every week the employees have another problem.  

They lost their job

Their husband was fired 

The company is making people redundant Blah Blah Blah.

Put this same person in front of someone who has made millions of dollars online and they cannot even sit for 10 mins to listen they are so fucking uncomfortable. 

At the same time they are looking someone else to blame for their situation. 


They have no idea the effect of negativity their actions have on everyone else around them.


Yes that is correct when you are having a bad day or whining guess what happens more negative crap will come your way ..


That is when you hit the point of choice..




What are you going to change?  If nothing then you need to be ready for the same crap for perhaps even the rest of your life.









Remember in order for something to change you have got to change.  


Many hundreds of years ago when things didn’t go peoples way they used to have a witchhunt they would find someone to blame and burn them alive.

Even if it is not legal to burn people alive anymore in some countries anyway. Still everyday many people go on their own witchhunt whining and complaining about their problems calling things scams criticising other people who create successful businesses. 

Are You One Of Those People Once Again That Decision Is Yours My Friend ..


1. Right Now You Have Two Choices Keep Doing What Your Doing And Hope Something will Change.

2. Surround yourself with people who are living the life that you wish for take responsibility and stop whining.. 


The choice is entirely yours.


If you choose number two you can get access to those people by clicking the link below  and take the first steps towards living the life of your dreams. 


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Are You a Crap Magnet?

15 Features You Will Love About Kalatu Premium Blogging System

I have to say after the few years I have been in Empower Network nothing is as impressive as the new Kalatu Premium Blogging System. In todays post I will be giving you some of the features and benefits of this system.


1. Headline Generator – Are you having problems coming up with a catchy headline for your blog post or website?  No need to worry about this any more as Kalatu now has a headline generator feature, all you need to do is pick a subject and Kalatu will give you a list of ideas or ready made headlines.  Leaving your title standing out above the rest when you post them on the social networks.


2. Content Ideas Generator – Wondering what to actually blog about or what kind of content to create for your blog?  That is where the content ideas generator comes in handy just click on the give me an idea button. And a world of blogging tips and ideas will open up to you.


3. 21 Day Blogging Plugin – This makes it even easier if you are beginner or already an advanced blogger the 21 day blogging plugin will make your life extremely easy all you do is just click on the plugin and fill in the blanks and your blog post was done.   The days of making excuses about how or what to blog about are finally at an end with this new plugin and Kalatu Blogging System.


4. Extremely Fast Hosting  – When it comes to ranking on Google you lose or gain points if your hosting is fast or slow.  With a baseline shared hosting account for $100 a year with hostgator or hostmonster  will be a lot slower than the hosting on your Kalatu Blog.  So if you want brownie points for fast hosting with Google You can get a dedicated server for $500 a month or just get a kalatu blog for $25?  The choice is entirely yours.


5. Customised follow me and business opportunity link section – Once again another cool feature you will get on your Kalatu Blogging System.


6. No need to buy expensive popup software and deal with a load of hosting and plugin disasters.  With Kalatu you also have a feature of a exit popup to get you more subscribers on your mailing list, thank you Kalatu 🙂


7. Kalatu also comes with completely customiseable themes so you can easily make your website 100% unique to you.  You can see the themes here


8. There is also a cool video blog theme on it you can see any You Tube video come up on the front page of your blog the full size of the screen you can see mine on the front page of this blog when you Click Here


9. Social Media Feed On Your Blog – This is a completely awesome feature normally social networks redirect you back to them, That means if you are selling a product or service on your blog when you go to their social network link there is a huge chance of you losing the sale.  With your Social Media Feed on Blog Button your followers can stay on your blog while reading all your social media updates on Facebook,Twitter, Linked In And You Tube.


10. With the Kalatu Viral Blogging System Affilliate Programme you also get lots of squeeze pages which you can use to build up a list of subscribers.  The great thing is these are now available in different languages and are constantly being tested and updated so you can improve your conversions.


11. Lots of ready made banners that you can use to to advertise your Kalatu business, and make money in the process


12. With Kalatu you also have the opportunity to earn high ticket commissions this means that when just one new person joins your business, you could potentially earn a $3000 commission.  What would you think of a business where you could sign up one person a month and make $3000 in a month.   It suits me fine 🙂 No more trying to sell 30 products a month to make $1000 in commissions for me.


13.  When you buy the Kalatu Premium Package you get up to ten Kalatu Blogs which is great value for money.  Why not transfer your blogs or website/website’s  onto Kalatu and save a fortune in hosting fees in the process?

14. You can use your own domain name with Kalatu too. Easy to follow instruction videos  are provided takes about 5 to 10 mins. 


15. With Kalatu you get step by step videos on every step in the process 

15 Features You Will Love About Kalatu Premium Blogging System

What Is Empower Network? And How Can You Benefit From It

Before we start today I want to set the record straight.  Especially for anyone who is new to online business and doesn’t realise how this industry works.

There are a group of people we call them haters generally, but you can call them whatever you want haters, trolls, losers, whatever you like.   Or Scam review people as I like to call them.

These scam review people basically drive traffic to their website or advertisements by writing their article title as a company or online business name or persons name and then the word scam after it.


As the word implies the majority of these scam review sites are actually there to tell you that XYZ Company  Product Doesn’t work Or Person XYZ is a scam artist etc etc. In order to generate traffic to ads or products which are in many cases very inferior to the products company or people they are knocking.  The truth is scam is a negative keyword and no matter what company products or famous person you look for and type in the scam keyword after it you will hear lots of negativity.  In fact most of these scam reviewers never bought all the products or did the courses and followed the steps of the products they are reviewing.  In many cases they also use negative hearsay from someone who signed up for something and never took the first step towards setting up the business.

And they do all of this in the name of free traffic. I myself am a member of a system which actually teaches this and I completely disagree with it.  But I am not in that system for the trainings just the social networking and the hosting that I get for my websites. Please note that system is not Empower Network .   I am on the other hand also A member of Empower Network and throughout my time there I have seen a lot of peoples lives change.  Including my own, I have actually made just under $50,000 in commissions using Empower Network and I would like to talk today a little about what it actually is and how it can benefit you in your life and your business.

Before we start I would just like to say if you have any doubt in your head about this business then just keep doing what you are doing.  And see how that works for you, now on the other hand if you want to know some more about the Empower Network Business System at any stage you can also go here and find out more at the company website

I first made my decision to give up working a job for someone else when I was fired for being two hours late to work after pre arranging it to book our February 14th Wedding. My wife was at the time pregnant with our first son and it was a wake up call to not depend on 1 single employer for your income. That is if you want to have any income after I quit my job I never looked back,  it was a few years later that I stumbled onto one of my mentors blog posts and saw a video with David Wood And Dave Sharp and  decided this sounded like the business for me and that’s how I got started in Empower Network.

A few weeks after I joined Empower Network I saw a picture of my upline on stage with a cheque for $28,000 Dollars at that stage I hadn’t really taken the business seriously and had signed up 3 people..  This made me realise I had to start takings some serious action it was right around that time one of my downline saw the inner circle video and upgraded .  Unfortunately because I didn’t buy the product I got an email saying the sale passed up to my upline and he got $100 a month residual commission instead of me.

What Is Empower Network? And How Can You Benefit From It

It was at that stage I made the decision to Go All In with Empower Network and Buy All the products.


Viral Blogging System – Level 1 – “Starter” Level

Inner Circle –  Level 2 – Mindset” Level

Top Producer Formula (Costa Rica Intensive Mastermind At The Time) –  Level 3 – “Producer” Level

Team Building Formula ( 15k Formula At The Time ) –   Level 4 – “Builder” Level

Mass Influence Formula (Masters Course At The Time) –   Level 5 – “Influencer” Level (ALL-IN)  


I remember my first $1000 Commission email I came back to one day after going for a walk with my kids on the beach.   I was hooked after that 🙂

If you think it is cool making a thousand dollar sale then imagine waking up to your first $3000 Sale Like my friend Matthew Armstrong did  in the video below.



At Empower Network we have a very uplifting community of successful empowered people who are helping others to also be able to break free from the 9 To 5 Grind. 

If you register today with me you will also get access to other trainings and systems on top of what you get with Empower Network including access to our team masterminding groups. 


You can see one of our team hangouts here 


 I have woken up and came home to multiple $3000.00 Commissions but not everyone is willing to put in the time , work or commitment that I have and not everyone will do what I do, you can see the income disclaimer here.


My EN upline who went bankrupt and lost is home went from $0 to $800,000 in commissions in Empower Network in a few years. The goal of the founder of our company David Wood is to create 100 New Millionaires per Year.  What an awesome goal for a CEO of a company to have for his clients!!  We are also in English And Spanish, German And Russian funnels are coming soon and then will be more as we expand worldwide. 

You can get started for as little as $7 Today 


Click Here To See This Business  For Yourself

What Is Empower Network? And How Can You Benefit From It

9 Social Networks You Can Use To Boost Your Traffic


Today’s article will be short and sweet and to the point 🙂

When it comes to making money online it is important to get lots of eyes on your content, capture leads which if done correctly should lead to sales or income.

Where better to find lots of targeted traffic that will be interested in your products and possibly services than in the social networks.


Now obviously everyone is teaching marketing on Facebook and Twitter but in today’s post I wanted to add in some other Social Networks as well that are also good.


1. Lets start at No1 with the big guns yes any business that is online should also be marketing and have a presence on Facebook.

Some things you should have or possibly consider are creating some groups that are similar to the customers or readers you are looking for.

Also make sure you create at least one Facebook page for your business as well and if you also are the face of your online business make sure you have a profile as well and possibly a Facebook page with your name too.

Add Me On Facebook


2. Twitter – I hear a lot of people say that they do not get or understand Twitter but the fact is I have generated lots of sales from Twitter over a period of time I grew my following on Twitter and would definetely recommend you add it to your portfolio of Social Networks.

Follow Me On Twitter


3. You Tube – Although it can be very volatile and accounts can get deleted for very little reason, You Tube is an amazing way to drive traffic to your business or website.  Of course I teach members of my team some advanced strategies for keeping your content safe especially on You Tube. Ignoring the traffic and exposure you can get from You Tube would not be a good idea so make sure you put some You Tube videos out there and make sure you put a link back to your business in the description.  That way you can get lot’s of free traffic from your videos plus with a little luck you could also rank in the second biggest search engine as well.


My You Tube Channel


4. Linked IN – Although Linked in isn’t one of my favourite social networks most of the people there are running businesses and tend to have a higher income than the average income on other social networks. SO if you are looking for decision makers or people with a lot of Klout or money to spend then Linked In may be for you.


Click Here To Join Linked In


5. Pinterest – Although there have been talks recently about Pinterest removing all the links from pictures there.  The fact of the matter is it still gets a crazy amount of traffic and even if they remove the links there is nothing to stop you adding a URL to your website on all the pictures you post on Pinterest.


Follow Me On Pinterest


6. Instagram -This is the big one a lot of people have been talking about lately. In fact there are lots of trainings online about how to generate traffic leads and sales to your business using instagram.  I have my son follow 200 people a day on my instagram account and then I just message the ones who follow me back. Then my son unfollows the ones who haven’t followed me back within 7 days.


Follow Me On Instagram


7. TSU – This Social Network is like an earlier version of Facebook the posting sharing and commenting works the same way and you have a timeline just like on Facebook.  The difference between TSU and Facebook is that TSU will pay you for sharing other peoples posts even if it is a small amount it can still add up to an extra few hundred dollars at the end of the year.   The other thing is I think they go a little easier on people making a lot of friend requests and all your friends actually get to see your posts.   Instead of the paltry 6% that FB shows your stuff to some of your friends and fans. So you can get a lot more views with a lot less friends. 🙂




8. IBO – This is another great resource for networking again has a few similarities with Facebook though I have found I have been able to add loads of associates without ever getting blocked, suspended or any written warnings.  There is a lot more interaction once again as all your associates can actually see your posts.   They also allow  you daily credits which you can use to buy Banner advertising on the website. Thsi can also help you get extra eyes and customers to your website or online business.

It also has a video sharing network and a Micro Blogging Job Network kind of similar to Fiverr.


Click Here To Join Me On IBO



9. Quora – This is a website where people go to ask various questions it is a great way to find people looking to start an online business you just need to look at the questions and answer them well.  And it gives you the opportunity to instantly be seen as an expert in your niche or business.  Yes indeed this is another great way to get targeted visitors to your business.


Click Here To Join Quora



9 Social Networks You Can Use To Boost Your Traffic

Are You A Slave To The System? And if so what can you do about it?


In the hamster wheel of job security sometimes it is difficult to see that you may be the hamster.  Now even if this may sound a little exaggerated the truth is that every morning billions of people get up and rush out the door.  Often to a job they hate just because of the way they have been programmed.

Children get abandoned for the morning with strangers or sent off to an institution where they get herded together like a flock of sheep and brainwashed by government employees. Hardly the ideal way to create a free thinking conscious human beings. From a young age there is so much programming especially at a subconcious level.  Parents go off to a job and the kids are told this is the way it has to be, if you look back on where the human race came from they certainly did not get herded by the hundreds or thousands into a building.  And every child get taught the same gibberish as all the others, this is more like factory farming than parenting.

Let’s face it no matter what some people think, young children where not made to be herded into a group of 30 or 40 strangers, or in the case of being out in the playground more like 500 or more strange kids. I to this day remember the fear of thinking about the vaccines I was forced to have in school and the stress of being sent off to learn 6 or 7 hours a day. And then them having the cheek to give me multiple homeworks on top of that.  Let’s face it if you cannot educate kids in 6 or 7 hours a day you shouldn’t be doing it.

What is the real reason behind this mental and emotional torture?  They want machines who will work 14 hours a day. They need to believe that this is the way it has to be in order to do this, so they use the first 13 years of the kids childhood to indoctrinate them into their way of thinking.   I remember when I made the decision to never have a job again a few days later I took my kids to school.   And I just sat for 10 mins watching the people around me, they where rushing round like crazy for fear of being 5 mins late or not getting to their job on time after dumping their kids off for the day into the indoctrination. Seriously it was just like watching a herd of sheep being herded into their pen. Could you tell the difference?

Awareness is the key once you know what is going on around you then you can do certain things about it.  The crazy thing is most indoctrinated people are only aware of the tasks they have been programmed to accomplish for that day.  Nothing else their life is such that a lot of them do not even give themselves the time to think!!

What is the typical day in our indoctrinated world?


Monday Morning


7AM Get up get the kids up make breakfast and packed lunches get them ready for school

8AM Drive Them To School

9AM Till 5PM Go To Work to make a big corporation rich while pretending to look busy and following company policy

3PM Babysitter Picks Up Kids From School

5.30 PM Go to ATM or bank to get money out to pay babysitter for looking after kids while you work

6.00 PM Pick up the kids from the babysitter

6.30 PM Go to shop to get some bread and groceries you ran out of

7.PM – 8PM Cook The dinner

8PM – 9PM Clean The Dishes

9PM – 11PM Help the kids with all their homeworks. If it’s A grammar school it maybe 5 homeworks in one night.

11PM Bedtime try to read a book before passing out and getting to do it all over again in the morning.




7AM Get up get the kids up make breakfast and packed lunches get them ready for school

8AM Drive Them To School

9AM Till 5PM Go To Work to make a big corporation rich while pretending to look busy and following company policy

3PM Babysitter Picks Up Kids From School

5.30 PM Go to ATM or bank to get money out to pay babysitter for looking after kids while you work

6.00 PM Pick up the kids from the babysitter

6.30 PM Go to shop to get some bread and groceries you ran out of

7.PM – 8PM Cook The dinner

8PM – 9PM Clean The Dishes

9PM – 11PM Help the kids with all their homeworks. If it’s A grammar school it maybe 5 homeworks in one night.

11PM Bedtime try to read a book before passing out and getting to do it all over again in the morning.




7AM Get up get the kids up make breakfast and packed lunches get them ready for school

8AM Drive Them To School

9AM Till 5PM Go To Work to make a big corporation rich while pretending to look busy and following company policy

3PM Babysitter Picks Up Kids From School

5.30 PM Go to ATM or bank to get money out to pay babysitter for looking after kids while you work

6.00 PM Pick up the kids from the babysitter

6.30 PM Go to shop to get some bread and groceries you ran out of

7.PM – 8PM Cook The dinner

8PM – 9PM Clean The Dishes

9PM – 11PM Help the kids with all their homeworks. If it’s A grammar school it maybe 5 homeworks in one night.

11PM Bedtime try to read a book before passing out and getting to do it all over again in the morning.




7AM Get up get the kids up make breakfast and packed lunches get them ready for school

8AM Drive Them To School

9AM Till 5PM Go To Work to make a big corporation rich while pretending to look busy and following company policy

3PM Babysitter Picks Up Kids From School

5.30 PM Go to ATM or bank to get money out to pay babysitter for looking after kids while you work

6.00 PM Pick up the kids from the babysitter

6.30 PM Go to shop to get some bread and groceries you ran out of

7.PM – 8PM Cook The dinner

8PM – 9PM Clean The Dishes

9PM – 11PM Help the kids with all their homeworks. If it’s A grammar school it maybe 5 homeworks in one night.

11PM Bedtime try to read a book before passing out and getting to do it all over again in the morning.




7AM Get up get the kids up make breakfast and packed lunches get them ready for school

8AM Drive Them To School

9AM Till 5PM Go To Work to make a big corporation rich while pretending to look busy and following company policy

3PM Babysitter Picks Up Kids From School

5.30 PM Go to ATM or bank to get money out to pay babysitter for looking after kids while you work

6.00 PM Pick up the kids from the babysitter

6.30 PM Go to shop to get some bread and groceries you ran out of

7.PM – 8PM Cook The dinner

8PM – 9PM Clean The Dishes

9PM – 11PM Help the kids with all their homeworks. If it’s A grammar school it maybe 5 homeworks in one night.

11PM Bedtime try to read a book before passing out and getting to do it all over again in the morning.




8am Get Up Because it is nearly impossible to lie in after getting up at 7am all week. 

8.15AM Check your e-mail and messages

8.30AM Kids wake up and start demanding breakfast

9.00Am Make breakfast

10.00Am Clear up kitchen after breakfast

10.30AM Kids start complaining about being bored

11.00AM Break Up Fight Over Who’s Go It Is First On The XBOX.

12.00 AM Go shopping after A 30 min row because no one else wants to go to the shop

1.PM Go to shop meet herd of sheep at the door run around trying to shop and dodge grannies blocking aisles with shopping trolleys.

1.30 – 2.PM  Stand in Queue of 20 people for half an hour waiting to pay for your stuff.

2PM Start Making Lunch

3PM Lunch Is Served the feeding frenzy begins.

3.30PM- 4.00PM Start tidying up for an hour after mad feeding frenzy

5PM Watch TV possibly some murder drama to make you feel your life is good, you are safe arent you? Apart from the vaccinations, GMO Foods, Chemtrails,Mercury Amalgam Fillings, Fluoride in your water ETC.  Or you  Get Ready For The Pub Or Club To Try To forget about the shitty week you have had before it’s time to do it all over again.

6PM You make the dinner Or Granny arrives to babysit and makes it while you go to the pub to drown your sorrows.

7PM -11pm or 1AM You arrive at destination Pub, Club Or Restaurant and drink as much as possible before last orders at 11PM to try and forget about the week you have had.

11PM or 1AM  You visit the local kebab shop and try to remember how you got there and sober up before your mother or kids see you.



10AM You wake up to the children screaming with a thumping headache

10.30 AM You make breakfast before downing a pint of water and if you are a pill pusher a few headache tablets or aspirin. 

11AM You remember all the stuff you have to prepare for the Sunday dinner and start peeling vegetables and potatoes for the next two hours

1AM You put on the potatoes vegetables and the Sunday Roast and babysit them for an hour or so.

At Your Usual Time – If you are a bible thumper don’t forget to add in your church time in between, and don’t forget the money in case the church falls down around you without your weekly gift. 

2- 3PM  Sunday dinner is served and the pack of hungry monsters get fed before looking for dessert. 

3-5PM If you manage to find time between Church and the Sunday cooking marathon you might go out for a two hour drive as Today is the only day you are free to do it. 

5PM Preparation meets Success, It’s dinner time at the Zoo again time to start cookin again. 

6PM  Tea is served the hungry animals are once again satisfied.. 

7PM Freedom time at last put your feet up for an hour whew paradise. 

8PM – 10PM Homeworks To Do/ Showers/ Clothes to find/ Bags to get ready/ 

10PM to 11Pm Do your online banking make sure you have paid everything that needs to be paid and the bank haven’t ripped you off again this week

11PM Read your Tony Robbins book about life mastery while thinking that will be the day… 

Midnight Dream about all the stuff you did this week in preparation for next week

DEJA VU  – Do It All Over Again



 What could or should your life really be like?


Firstly forget the clock you don’t really need it the other day I went to the phone shop to get a new Iphone and the guy asked me to write the date down How or why the heck would I need to know the date or the time.  LOL

Remember if you need the clock it is normally to fit in with other sheep who operate on a 9 to 5 or 9 to 9 basis.


You wake up at 10am bright and refreshed you come down the winding staircase of your beautiful mansion overlooking lush green gardens. The housekeeper asks you what you would like for breakfast the kids have already had breakfast and are out playing in the garden. You order a mixed berry smoothie and sit outside in the parasol swinging chair in the garden and open up your Macbook Air. 


You check how many sales you have made during the evening it was another good night you made 10 $3000 sales last night while you where sleeping.

You check your emails from your Filipino Virtual Assistants they have sent their reports of when and where  and how they have been marketing your products and services throughout the evening while you were sleeping. 

You have to check the time to see how long it is till your new custom made Bentley Limousine arrives.  It was scheduled for 1PM 


You say to the kids let’s head off for a tour around Europe and you tell the housekeepers to help the kids get their things packed.   

It’s time to go online and check the time of the next ferry to Netherlands and book the tickets..


The kids sit in the back of the limousine and do their online education tutoring via the wireless internet as you drive to the ferry or your chauffeur drives you. 

The phone rings and granny says she wants to come along so you update the tickets before checking you have got all the latest gadgets that you will need before leaving the country. 


You stop off for a few days in Holland, A few days in Belgium,Luxembourg,Germany And a week in Switzerland staying in a beautiful hotel by a lake looking over the Swiss Alps.  Before heading to Italy and hopping onto the Superfast Ferry to Patras in Greece.  

Spend three days in a hotel overlooking the Acropolis in Athens before going island hopping on the Greek Islands.


Then you finally end up in your oceanside villa in Santorini up the side of the mountain overlooking the sea.  No need for a TV because you are living the life of your dreams.


Which one do you deserve and what are you going to do about it starting today?


If you are sick of living a mediocre life you need to stop working for other people and start a business that you can use to fulfil the dreams of you and your  family. 

Your own blog gives you the platform to run your own business from anywhere in the world.  But of course it is up to you whether you are happy to go through your life living at or below mediocrity. 


Or whether you are ready to do something starting right now to change that..


The Choice Is Yours My Friend


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Are You A Slave To The System?

10 Ideas To Start An Online Business


Thinking about starting an online business and you do not know where to start?   Then in today’s article we will talk about some ideas for starting your own online business.

1. Local Product or Service Business – A local product or service based business can have lots of different alternatives.  In fact it could be an ordinary regular business and by using Blogging, Social Media and or also using Paid Advertising.  In fact the business could get a whole new lease of life including lots of new targeted customers,

You could also approach local businesses and offer to advertise the business online for a one off or monthly or annual fee.

You could also run a paid advertising campaign for the local business and charge them a commission on their advertising spend or return.

2. Worldwide Distribution Physical Product Business – You could set up your own distribution sales business selling products but the simpler way would be to sell your own physical products online using websites such as Ebay Or Amazon.

3. Worldwide Service Business – You can provide services online and advertise them via social media,paid advertising,videos or your website or blog or you could offer your services via sites like Elance.Com or using micro sites like Fiverr.Com. You could offer services like writing translating, blog posting,editing etc..

4. Digital Products – Digital Products including Ebooks,Videos and Software are now very popular the other great thing about digital products is they cost you nothing to produce apart from some time and energy in the beginning.  The other great thing about digital products is you do not have to be the one who makes them to sell them, you can sell products and software belonging to other companies as well. In fact in one of the companies I am in I have already sold over $50,000 in products so far. 


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5. Outsourcing Business – With an outsourcing business you can find employees to do work for you and charge businesses a mark up and get a monthly commission.

The great thing about the internet is you can employ people from anywhere in the world to work for you.  You can get some very well qualified workers from India or the Philippines who are more than happy to work full time for a few hundred dollars a month.  You can outsource people from websites like or from websites like EasyOutsource.Com 

One idea could be to create a website or outsource the creation of a website for a local business so if you can get the work done for $200 you could quote a local business $400 for a website and you keep the difference.  You could also outsource social media campaigns virtual assistants graphic design, software development and much more.

The great thing is you don’t need to do all the work but you get to keep the profit. 🙂 


6. Blog Or Website – A blog or website is your home on the internet. In fact when I hear of businesses who do not have their own blog or website on the Internet in 2015 I cringe at the thought of it. 

Whether you like it or not more people now than ever check out your business online before buying or when looking for products and services. And if your business is not there then someone else will get your money, it’s as simple as that.   A few years ago getting someone to make you a website might have cost you a small fortune but now with WA you can get your own blog/website which comes with free training. You also get superfast hosting for 25 websites for only $47 a month,Just follow the step by step trainings and easy systems and  write a little content about your business or outsource it to someone else to do for you. 

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7. Affiliate Marketing Business – When it comes to affiliate marketing the options are huge, there are thousands of different companies and services online you can promote.  Anything from Clickbank JV Zoo, Commission Junction PayDotCom.Com they all offer affiliate products and services for many niches including businesses, computers, software, health and fitness products, weightloss,gaming , Animal Training ,  Dating and much more.

You can also be an amazon affiliate and sell other peoples books and products on your website.   The only disadvantage with Amazon is the commissions are very low unless of course you are selling your own products there. 

There are various ways to market the offers from paid advertising on Twitter, Facebook, You Tube, Bing to Media Buying and Banner advertising on high traffic targeted websites.  Of course you can also do free promotion methods which take some time like forum posting, social media posts, blogging and doing videos and reviews. 


8. Coaching Services – If you have been marketing online for a while and have been making money online then why not teach others what you do?  You can also get paid for it in the process. There is no quicker way to make money online than to follow a formula of someone who is already creating success online.   Seriously, if you think going to college or university and doing a marketing exam is the fast way to making money online then you are in trouble.

Follow the formula of someone who makes money online therefore does not need a job in a college or university.  The problem with this world is that there are so many inexperienced but qualified (Yeah A Certificate Or Piece Of Paper Which Means Nothing) people who never made a penny teaching other teachers who never made a penny marketing how to market..   It’s kinda like a bird asking a whale for flying lessons without ever questioning it.  It sounds kind of mad but it’s what happens every day around the world.


9. Events Business – An online events business can be a lot of work but if the right people are targeted and it is marketed properly it can be very lucrative.   Find some people who are experienced to teach something bring an audience who want to learn that subject give some great free content and then offer an upsell at the end of each speakers talk. Many people will spend many thousands of dollars to learn the skills needed to run their business successfully. 


10 Online Training Business – What do you know about that people will pay to learn?  There is a multitude of things out there anything from Yoga, Dog training, How to be a fireman, How to be a Police Officer, Advanced Blogging Strategies, How to Do Paid advertising, How to setup your own restaurant.  Yes in fact this list could go on forever but I think you get my drift. 


At the moment I have two very lucrative business opportunities for you!


How To Make Money From People Shopping


How To Make Money From Your Own Blog (English)





10 Ideas To Start An Online Business